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"Fantastic no-nonsense way to see how the Best Damn Space Sim Ever is shaping up"

- Capt. Boba Reynolds-Picard

"StarCitizenTracker presents an unvarnished look at the state of the project, and it's one of the only places I can think of that does so. This in and of itself is praiseworthy, but the lengths the researchers seem willing to go to in order to get an accurate picture goes above and beyond. If this isn't your first stop when checking in on Star Citizen, you're wasting time!"

- Beet, BeetReviews.com

"First, THANK YOU for this massive collection of information. And absolutely, this is great evidence that projects can evolve. Very excited to see what happens in the near future."

"Thanks for the time and effort you have done to create and maintain this site. Sir, you were sorely needed. I wish you had been around 5 years ago."

"This is a good initiative. I like the concept very much."

"Massive thanks to the SC community's efforts here. Along with scqa.info, the site is invaluable for sourcing Official CIG development details, enabling the prompt sharing of knowledge to interested Citizens."

- StuartGT, Reddit Moderator

"As many years as we are into dev, the fact is they still have a lot of fundamental work to do. It's not all bad because a lot of it is done, and we've got cool stuff and content built around it (much more will follow this year too). However, for a game like this, they aren't even close to done."

- Reddit User

"Star Citizen is the largest crowdfunding project in history. Its $180 million (and counting) game development budget dwarfs nearly every other on record. Yet a game originally promised to deliver in 2014 remains in pre-alpha in year 6, its history a nearly uninterrupted string of bold claims followed by missed release dates and downsized deliverables with nary an apology. With few exceptions, the gaming press has ignored the warning signs and alarm bells of what is likely to become the largest development debacle in both gaming and crowdfunding history. In the absence of external oversight, of genuine accountability, of truly open development, the burden has fallen on researchers and citizen journalists to raise alarms, counter propaganda, and protect history from its perpetual revision by the demonstrably dishonest and unapologetic, unaccountable leadership of Cloud Imperium Games. This project tracker is an invaluable resource to that noble end. It is the living history of a catastrophically mismanaged and dishonestly marketed project. It is a standing indictment of the gaming press that has largely ignored the growing concerns. And it is a rebuke of a studio head who resists accountability and transparency at every turn, despite having pledged to offer it, even as he instead serves up revisionism and propaganda as dismal substitutes for both. There will one day come a time when that which is largely unspeakable becomes widely obvious; when present heresies become future orthodoxies. The documented history contained herein shows exactly why the present unthinkable is the future inevitable."

- G0RF

"Really glad someone finally did this. Great work."

"This is the greatest compilation of information on this subject bar none! A total dissemination masterpiece of EPIC PROPORTION! Thank you for putting this together."

"it's amazing that you're so knowledgeable on the development of this game that you were able to track down the exact episode where this was explained."